Why Every Action Has Reaction ?

To every action there is a reaction. Why did we behave in a certain way? Were we supposed to behave like the way we behaved or there was a force of energy behind these reactions? How exactly our thoughts and our perceptions work in real life. How do they work on physical, mental and emotional levels? What kind of energies our brain and body is creating? For example, anxiety is an everyday work that we all hear from people around us. Our colleagues, family, friends neighbor we often hear this word. In reality anxiety doesn’t exist, anxiety is a way of how we are perceiving things. We create anxiety to avoid facing situations and people and situations and the way people react are never in our hands. So how can we blame that the situation and people are responsible for our anxiety?

For example, “I LOVE YOU” what is the feeling and thought behind this, it means that I am expecting from you to listen from me that I love you and to feel I have value in someone’s life. But when the other person doesn’t feel the same way or same love, it creates anxiety and anger. But the other person is not responsible for these emotions as he/she was simply not feeling the same way as we did. So in reality we are doing business of emotions.

Ideally in the whole world whether its business or relationships or any other dealing its always give and take. But what are doing is take and give. So we are not honest on that level also, we are taking but we are not even giving. How on earth we would understand about unconditional love when we are not even following or true to the conditions made by this materialistic and transactional world. So to understand deeper about this “take and give” we are actually nothing but beggars who are always taking from the other person, but we always show as if we are givers. So we are liars. We are lying to ourselves and no one else. And when we start lying to ourselves it’s the starting of biggest self-destruction.

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