Is there a remarkable relation between the vibrations and energy?

  •  This person is actually making me Uncomfortable
  •  Really don’t feel comfortable in this place

Is it actually about the person or the place? Is it about that?

We would agree on one simple fact. Certainly, this has nothing to do with the
Person or the place? Then, what is this about?

It is that somehow even without thinking we get the feeling around a person or a
place. But, how and why? Shall we say that this has to do something about the
Vibrations of the person/place!

Creating Vibrations or Environment is it actually possible?

The only way we may answer that is to take examples of what is happening in the
real or the physical world. Agreed! Shall discuss two environments, the
vibrations in a Mall / Shopping center vs. pub/night life joint.
The difference being that at one place the vibrations we get are Slow and
Steady. And at another place it is designed for the faster the better.

The environment / Vibrations and energy at commercial outlets

At a Mall/ Shopping Center, the only flavor of vibration / environment created
is Slow and steady. How? They would without fail have the following:

  • More lighting than that is actually required.
  • Music playing both at very low volume and something among the Slow
    and Steady pace.

What is the intent behind creating such environment?

The vibrations and thereby the energy of the mall is designed to slow down your
pace. The result is that the slower movement makes you explore more. Hence, you
see more merchandise. Thereby, filling your shopping cart further.

Therefore, the energy here gives you the vibration to slow down your speed.
Meaning that the total sale of the store increases. Why do think the size of the
shopping carts is increasing by the day? To urge you to fill it up with the
merchandise at the store.

Diametrically opposite vibration / environment is created at a pub or the
outlets for the nightlife. How? They would without fail have the following:

  • Lighting would be the dimmest possible.
  • Music would always be playing at a high volume. Moreover, the music
    would be upbeat and peppy

What is the intent?

The vibrations and thereby the energy is designed to pep you up urging you to
dance or move your body. The reason is very simple, burn your calories. The more
you exert yourselves hungrier and the thirsty you feel.
And for the outlet this converts into more sales. After all, you would surely
order something to take care of your thirst. And would surely order those
mouthwatering snacks from the snack bar.

The environment / vibrations and energy
The examples in the previous section certainly illustrate the connection between
the environment / vibrations and the energy. Moreover, how the commercial
outlets use the environment to create energy vibrations to boost their sales.
Similarly, we may safely say that the like or dislike is based upon the energy
vibrations we get from a person or place. After all haven’t it been said since
ages mind over matter. Therefore, we may summarize that there is
definitely a remarkable relation between the vibrations and

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