The churning Cycle of Life demystified!

The churning Cycle of Life demystified!

The human race is blessed with the maximum intelligence amongst the living
beings on earth. Thereby, our ability for an evolved thinking. However, this
gift is a two-edged sword in the true sense of the world. It helps the
race to progress, communicate and undertake wise worldly decisions. But many
times thinking is also a tool using which we create challenges for ourselves.

This calls for equipping ourselves with ways and means to ensure that we are
able to guard ourselves. How can we devise them? As often said, the power
resides in knowing. Thereby, firstly it is important to understand the working
of the life process OR, The cycle of Life.


Haven’t we all heard Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. In essence
whichever way we think defines how we perceive. Or, in other words, our outlook
is all but a sum total of our perception.

As an example, we may also say that perception is a colored goggle we wear.
Moreover, we look at the world in the color of our goggles.

What constitutes our perception shall be dealt with separately when we analyze
perception in detail. Nevertheless, in brief we may say that our perception is a
result of our life experiences, in general.


Perception or the color of our goggle results in how we feel about the world.

Feelings rule the entire viewpoint. We may as well understand feelings as the
filter through which we process every input.

The filter of the feelings defines our entire personality. In summary, we are
what our feelings make us. No more, no less!

Object Focus:

Object of desire is a phrase used in multiple contexts. Ironically, our
feelings lead to objectification of almost everything. This objectification may
be for actual physical objects or people or even emotions.

This fixation leads us towards creating targets. It may be seeking love or
happiness or particular material things.


The Object Focus or Objectification creates Illusions in our conscious mind. Or,
shall we say that the conscious mind becomes completely obsessed with the
objects. This leads the sub-conscious mind to create illusions. Thus we
become prisoners in our own illusionary world.


The illusions lead us towards creating Dreams. And off we go on a wild goose
chase hunting for our dreams. Dreams may be for an achievable physical object.
Or, occasionally they may be even for non-physical objects.


To achieve our dreams, we indulge in activities. This becomes an endless rat race Wherein, we are rushing and running day-in day-out. Towards what end?

We neither realize nor stop to reason.


The activities result in shaping our Karma. Karma is perceived as a spiritual
phenomenon. However, it is nothing but a simple equation of Cause and
effect. The saying You shall reap what you sow completely define

One may argue that there are multiple external factors influencing the karma.
Moreover, they might not be in my control. Nevertheless, isn’t how we shape
our life is in our own hands?


Newtons law states Every action has equal and opposite reaction. Might
seem like a lesson from a physics book. Nonetheless, this simple sentence is
applicable in all the spheres of life. Every action has a consequence.

Consequence is the reality from which no one can escape. What can we do? As
consequence is a byproduct of karma. Thereby, we can control it by watching our
Karm or Actions.


Consequence always leads to framing of our judgement. Or, in other words, we
become judgmental. Evaluating everything, including people and circumstances,
through the lenses of our judgement.

Hence comes the critical thinking and we remain a slave of our judgmental self.
Instead of understanding and evaluating with an open mind. We look at everything
as either Black or White. Alternatively, it can be summarized that we get
blinded and bound by our judgmental behavior.

Hence this cycle continues forever. Wherein, the Judgement again gives the fuel
to our perception.

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