What is cosmic energy and it’s balancing?


Ever thought about the commonly used phrase, feel Drained Out?

Shall we say, the important part here is We use this phrase At Least once a

Therein lays a basic question. Drained out of WHAT?

Has someone drained the Blood out of our Veins? Certainly, not!

Are we suffering from a certain episode of dehydration, say, Dysentery?

Definitely No!

Then, what is it? Is there actually an answer to the phrase, feel Drained

May we say that it’s the Life Force we feel drained out of Or, simply
presented it is the ENERGY?

We feel devoid of the energy whenever we say DRAINED.

The Reasons we Offer for feeling Drained out:

Consider a classical scenario! Time to attend the office; we invest time in
selecting the appropriate attire for the day, methodically ironed and almost
heading out to the office. Wearing the best perfume, Alas! A stomachache somehow
springs up every morning. Is it a standard for the entirety of our office
population? Or, we are the unique one?

Anyways, we all recognize that this is a pattern. It only happens whenever we
head out to our office. The examples may be numerous in this context. Say, going
to a particular market OR a Relatives place upsets you OR numerous other

The mention of relatives invoked another memory of a quote that was
printed on the back of a Matchbox. Truly LOL! However, felt that might be true
if we replace the word relative with friend/associate/ WHATEVER.

The quote read Success is relative, more the success you have, more the
RELATIVES you have.

Is there a reason for this?

Absolutely, we feel drained out as THAT thought or the moment or the
emotion drains out the energies. Guess, we are on the same page of the
book on this? Correct?

Albert Einstein is famed to be the person who used the maximum capability of the
human brain in the history of mankind. Moreover, his theory states that energy
and mass are interchangeable. In essence energy is mass and mass is energy!
Medically inclined shall argue that the fatigue may also be owing to the lactic
acid. Agreed, a certain portion of it may be attributed to that. However, the
majority of the fatigue is clinically proven to be because of our mind and

Is there a solution?

No and Yes! We agree this is a smart way to answer this tricky question. That
said, let’s explore the fundamentals.

First-thing-First, why THAT Big NO? Because, No one can EVER (never ever) help
us, if we are not READY to help OURSELVES.

However, once the NO part is established and understood, there certainly exists
a direction for all of us to follow. Remember, it is already stated that No
one can EVER (never ever) help us, if we are not READY to help OURSELVES.

Solution What Solution?

This shall begin with the scientifically proven fact that the humans generally
use 2-3 percent of their brain!? Surely! Oh, Yes! The popular term for the
remaining part is the Subconscious Brain, the direction mentioned at
the beginning, positively, originates from that 98% of our brains.

Does the solution lie in TRYING to understand and moreover attaining powers to
train the subconscious mind? Shall we even try our skills on this quest? Why?

Remember, we agreed on one fact, we are only able to utilize minuscule part of
what we already have in terms of Brain.

Guidance is available and at your disposal

We are living (and kicking) certifications towards the efficacy. However,
quicker results are accomplished, if we do not apply our programmed questioning
for everything.

Be assured, we are not pointing towards a guided Mumbo-Jumbo Meditation, herein.

Hell No! There are enough SHOPS out there doing that, already. It is as simple
as starting with learning to breath.

Bets On! You though this is another one of those (despicable) WELLNESS joint?

Or, another yoga exercise program. Good News, you lose at the outset. Do we win?

The Experience:

Explore the pleasures that hundreds have experienced through joining this SELF
exploration. The answer lies in understanding two fundamental medical facts:

The brain controls the bodily functions. However, oxygen is the fuel that powers
the brain.

The human body is constituted with more than 60% of water.

First and foremost, this experience revolves around learning to breathe.

Actually? Oh, positively Yes! Prepare yourself for witnessing the shocking
reality that your lungs deserve more oxygen. Consequently, imagine the state of
the brain when it is fueled with ample amount of oxygen.

The brain is unarguably the focal point for thought’s and thereby the energy.

Once the conscious part of the brain is charged with oxygen, it opens the
doorway to energizing the sub-conscious mind. Once you begin the journey into
the sub-conscious, the flood gates open towards activating the energy centers of
the body, the chakras and the kundalini. Hence, the end-result is the
realization about the Cosmic Energy and ways to balance it.

And the water is as essential as oxygen. Once we have mastered the energy
balancing, be assured that the thirst would produce itself. Consequently, the
detoxification aided by the increased intake of water is absolutely

The key takeaways (medically) for you are increased oxygen levels and water
intake. Shall we categorically highlight the point that this paves the way
towards increased and balanced energy levels? This in turn is guaranteed to lead
towards a happier state-of-mind.

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