What is the fear called dejection and loneliness?


Emotions rule every living being! However, human
beings possess the maximum intelligence amongst living beings on Earth. Thereby,
the maximum power of thinking and the maximum emotions.

Do these words point us towards a direction? Yes!

Emotions can be limiting; however, they may be liberating. A feeling of love can
elevate our mood; hatred on the other hand can make us sad. Moreover, the
emotion that, arguably, would claim the top of this heap is the emotion
FEAR of rejection or not getting Appreciation.

This leads us towards feeling Dejected. The end result, we feel
lonely and think that no one understands me.

Consider this fact that the social media is the dark reality of current times.

Why dark? Even despite the availability of numerous options to increase the
number of friends, followers, etc. We still feel left-out.

Should we even feel dejected or lonely when we are continuously interacting with
multiple people? The worst-case scenario can present itself in this situation.

To lessen our loneliness, we may indulge in activities which may lead of mental
and physical abuse.

What is fear?

Dictionary might claim that it is an emotion which might owe its reason to
Real or Imaginary triggers. This dictionary definition shall rest at its place
in peace.

The one who undergoes this emotion understands that IT IS REAL.

Moreover, arguably, one may claim that every emotion has a fear as its root
. Say, the emotion of Shyness, isn’t it a fear of facing others? The
fear arising from the belief that we are incapable or insufficient? Shyness may
be in the form of shying away from speaking or visiting public places etc.

Overcome your fear(s)

The key mantra behind this is, Face the fear and it no more remains a
Fear. And no! We are not hinting towards a counselling session of any sorts.

Wherein, you comfortably sit on a couch to listen to the meaningless words of a
counsellor, days-in and days-out.

Dictated by this mantra, we devised a workshop wherein you are exposed to a
methodical and executable guide to assist you in overcoming your fears.

How is that possible?

Certainly, we agree that every Individual is unique. Therefore, the reason that
acts as a trigger (for the fear of dejection and hence loneliness) is also

However, the workshop is aimed at aiding you to identify the root cause of
your own fear of dejection. As an example, what you may perceive as suicidal
tendencies may have the abuse you have underwent as the root cause.

After all, isn’t fear just an emotion! However, under the guidance of
experts who understand the gravity of the word dejection. Moreover, they also
are emphatic that it is an uphill task. Shouldn’t you also be able to
accomplish the task Overcome your fear? Become a free soul and live your
life in abundance. Shun that feeling of feeling lonely, worthless, and stop
abusing your soul. You certainly can achieve numerous splendid milestones.

Is it for me?

We are sure (similar to our thoughts) you might be assuming, certain people are
born that way. Be assured that you would be surprised at the statistics of how
many people are affected by this curse of dejection. Yes, you guessed it right
we guide you through this journey of liberation from fear of dejection by
guiding you to find the root cause/thought behind the fear. Positively it
is taking one step at a time.

Agreed, there are no Silver Bullets in life. Nevertheless, it is also
stated that Nothing explored, nothing learnt.

Join this mission in proving the mantra After all fear is just an emotion.

And we together can overcome it and present to the world our real persona. That
is one possible if you are ready to face your inner self. That’s
precisely what our proven process would guide you through.

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