What is Meditation and its true benefits?


Mention the word Meditation, the mind produces an image of a person sitting in an asana.

Rhythmic chanting of some mantra or in other words, repeating a particular set of words, continuously.

Agreed, that it is one form of meditation. Simply one form of meditation. However, meditation as a process and experience is way-beyond this stereotype image your mind is programmed to believe!

Then, what truly is meditation?

In a single word, it translates into Awareness. Herein, we are not pointing exclusively towards the direction of certain paranormal, psychic, universal, spiritual awareness, etc. However, these
are phenomenon which one indulges into after mastering the basics.

Thereby, shall we conclude that in basic terms Meditation simply means Awareness? By all means, it does!

Awareness about WHAT!?

Positively the correct question, Awareness about WHAT!?

The Answer surprisingly, is once again very simple about Everything, Anything, Or, (possibly) Nothing. Be assured the word order is absolutely intentional.

Modern day living’s key mantra resides in being aware of Everything. The stock markets, the social platforms, the news, the celebrities, etc. Add to that the adage Know something about everything, but do know everything about something. Yes, correctly identified the last sentence was positively pointing towards the maestros in a certain Area of Expertise.

However, the last but-not-the-least word NOTHING is what ultimately every
meditator wishes to achieve. Notice the fact that word choice herein might have
been aims to achieve. However, the words read wishes to achieve. We
shall reason why this question was specifically posed for the word (choice)
nothing? Because, nothing-ness is the sure-shot superhighway to Awareness and
results into Spiritual wisdom.

Nothing-ness – How to achieve that?

In corporate or every other environment, we witness the phrase, Get Lost!

To experience nothing-ness, POSITIVELY Get Lost!  By no standards-of-the world
we shall Get Lost. However, therein lies meditation as well. How?

  • Get Lost for a moment on the path you are walking upon.
  • Get Lost and take a moment to let THAT grass touch your feet that you are destroying with your shoes. That’s a living being and we kill it with our shoes. Allergy? That may be a different issue, but then DO THINK nature is the provider. Why shall it hurt you?
  • Get Lost for a moment close your eyes and become a part of the chirping of the birds. However, word of caution, kindly Only-and-Only Chirp if you have the voice chords that are Musical.

And numerous more examples where we all shall Get Lost is agreed, however how it even justifies the title?

Awareness is equivalent to meditation, is what was discussed herein. Answer lies
in getting lost into THE MOMENT. And, be assured that is meditation.

No offence to the electronic devices. Remember, the TV is called an Idiot
Box. Remember, today the smartphone is a phone, a camera, a TV, etc. all
rolled-into-one. Think! What shall the smartphone be termed as?

The tile reads benefits of meditation. Nonetheless, that herein is equated with

Get Lost be AWARE and you are Meditating!

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