How to confirm the experience of a Spiritual Emotion?


An extremely strong emotion is often mistaken for spiritual emotion. Especially, when such an emotion surface in a spiritual setting. There are typical environments when a person is in the throes of emotion. The emotions would certainly overtake us whenever we are in a place of worship. Moreover, they get amplified in the presence of a Spiritual Master (Guru), with whom we may have a psychological attachment or connection.

Way to confirm whether we are experiencing a Spiritual Emotion

How can we arrive at a conclusion whether we are experiencing merely emotions or
spiritual emotion?

It can be confirmed through the medium of active Sixth Sense or Extrasensory Perception.

We can verify to certain extent at an intellectual level, whether we are experiencing merely an emotion or a spiritual experience by checking the following criteria:

Reduction in Ego or I ness:

There will be a marked reduction in our ego when one is in the state of spiritual emotion or experience. Therefore, our ego manifestations can be checked as an aid towards deciding, whether we are experiencing a spiritual emotion or plainly an emotion.

For e.g. we may have an ego about the state of spiritual emotion itself while we are going through the experience. Moreover, the ego may surface at a later date, if the spiritual emotion is not sustained.

Reduction in consciousness about our surroundings and body:

One can identify varying degrees with the huge I during a state of spiritual emotions as one will lose consciousness. No, this sentence doesn’t mean we become unconscious or arrive at a state similar to that. The extremely appropriate statement to describe this feeling or experience is Trance. We feel as if we are in a Trance! Wherein, we may even forget the surrounding, the
environment, people around us, etc.

Therefore, when the spiritual emotion is awakened it may be manifested in any form of the eightfold manifestation such as tears of Bliss, etc. or one doesn’t feel self-conscious. This can be even proved when for a shy person and their spiritual emotion awakens in the presence of strangers. And the person is no more shy or conscious of the surroundings.

Several suggestions for awakening and experiencing Spiritual Experience

  • Never get carried away by a powerful emotion. Keep the emotions in check by following a simple principle. Stop and think before you act or speak. As a practical implementation, the reverse counting from Ten to One shall without fail come to your aid and rescue.
  • Indulge yourself in activities that make you happy and stay focused on the positive factors. In other words, protect yourself from negative situations, environments, people, etc.
  • Always avoid alcohol, drugs, or any other form of substance abuse. Ok, we may furnish the argument that even these are known to induce a state of trance. However, remember a simple fact that the trance induced by them is a chemically induced trance. Whereas, the trance we mentioned is a state of elevation of the consciousness.

Remember any form of substance abuse induces a state of stupor or senselessness. The trance we achieve from spiritual experience is a state of bliss. Wherein, we are in Control and lose Control Both at the same time or simultaneously.

  • Regular exercise, yoga, pranayama, and meditation shall contribute towards achieving inner silence and peace. Hence, you generate the feeling of balance in yourself. This balance induced by the spiritual experience ensures that you remain Charged!

As the end note, we may summaries that invoking spiritual emotions contribute towards enhancing your Life Force. Moreover, the spiritual wisdom gained in the process tremendously improves the quality-of-life. And you feel Alive and Lively!


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