What is the Truth behind the reason why we question?


Herein, we are referring to every sentence beginning with words belonging to the category – Why, How, Where, etc. Ever wondered how often we use these words at the beginning of a sentence? Probably not! And more so Why Bother? A word of advice and that too absolutely complimentary. We shall, we certainly shall! Worry not! You are no Different and be duly assured that all of us are similar in this particular aspect. However, the question to pose herein is where are those sentences (starting with the mentioned words) directed?

Inwards or Outwards

We all would agree on the simple fact that all of these questions are always directed outwards? Outwards?

Outwards Some Examples

  • Why am I paying Income Tax on my hard-earned money?
  • Why am I dealing with THIS person?
  • Why am I in this situation?

The list might be endless. Let’s reverse these questions.

Reversed The questions with the I removed

  • Paying Income Tax to contribute to the growth of MY country?
  • Find ways towards how to deal with THIS person?
  • Situation? What Situation? This shall also pass, as no condition is permanent. Time and Tide never wait for anybody. Agreed! However, it is their basic nature that they pass.

However, the question QUESTIONS was about Outward OR Inward

What do those words Outward or Inward suggest?

Oversimplified SIMPLY OVERSIMPLIFIED the questions posed at the start signify that we Question the entire world. In essence, every situation, event, person, etc. Hence, our questions are habitually directed towards the world which is Outside of our Inner Self.

What shall we indulge in instead?

Shall we pose the questions Inwards? The ONLY person we shall ask questions is One Person, We ourselves.

Why shall we indulge in asking questions directed at ourselves?

This shall guide us on the journey to knowing Ourselves! Moreover, when we question ourselves on various aspects of our behavior, thoughts, actions, beliefs, etc. We begin our journey towards self-exploration which shall result in a Spiritual or Cosmic Wisdom.

This, in turn, is a definitive method towards cleansing ourselves of the meaningless dead-weight or additional baggage we carry with us. Hence, you set foot on the path towards liberation and being a free spirit. Be assured the questions we ask ourselves shall by-no-means be the tools for
self-pity or beating ourselves up. But they are means to get clarity on ourselves. Moreover, in the process, you enhance your life force by gradually removing any negativity in ourselves. Thereby, increasing our Self-Belief.

Convert Self-Doubt into Self-Belief.

Our questions that are directed outward, arguably, are a result of self-doubt. Reason?

We may call it an Ostrich-Approach wherein upon receiving a threat the Ostrich hides its face in the sand. Thereby, thinking that if I can’t see the threat or an enemy, the enemy also can’t see me. So, in essence, we are running away from the reality by posing questions outward. As a result, we continuously add up layers-upon-layers of self-doubt.

On the contrary, when we start posing questions inwardly, gradually the mist or the fog clouding our judgement clears. Hence, originates the clarity about who we truly are?

We learn to identify the triggers that are the seeds of self-doubt. Once we are aware of the triggers, we shall learn to devise ways-and-means to nip these trouble indicators as soon as they appear. With this wisdom, we progressively remove the root causes of self-doubt.

Having cut-down on the self-doubt, we automatically increase the self-belief.

Merely a function of mathematics! Henceforth, arises the positivity and the ever-increasing self-belief. We shall feel as if chains are removed from our persona.

And Boy! Do we feel alive, elated, and blissful!

Explore yourself to attain eternal bliss and the path to glory. Let the journey begin, this particular moment!

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