What are the sure-shot manifestations of Fear?


It is important that we start by analyzing what actually fear is?

Our negative thinking produces a sense of alarm or worry arising out of irrational or unknown causes. This is called fear. Moreover, it is a result of the sense of a perceived danger to our emotional and/or physical self.

Is there a fear that is real or all the fears are imaginary?

Refer to our blog, detailing the fear of Dejection and Loneliness. We have mentioned therein that A person, who feels fear, knows that it is real. The key words herein are person who feels and real. As an example, numerous people have Vertigo or the fear of heights. However, the majority of humanity doesn’t have Vertigo. Hence, no fear is universal.

In this discussion, we are focusing on the fears generated out of our thinking/thoughts owing to psychological reasons. Those specifically are the imaginary fears.

The fears those are real

Certainly, numerous fears are real in the physical sense of the world. A few examples of fears those are real:

  • While enjoying a Jungle Safari, suddenly, a pride of lions begins charging towards us. We would positively be scared as this is a real threat to our life. Yes, this fear is real!
  • We are driving in the high-speed lane and our brakes fail. Yes, this fear for our lives is real! As there is a strong possibility that we may cause an accident.

Hence, not all fears are imaginary, numerous fears are real, as well.

The manifestations of imaginary fear that arise out of psychological reasons:

Out of the countless manifestations of the psychological fears some are Stress, Depression, Low Self-esteem, Anxiety, Suicidal Tendencies, etc. Are we pointing towards the direction that All psychological conditions are because of a fear? Certainly, the root cause is always a fear.

What is the result of psychological fear?

We abuse the supreme gift Life by the fears we harbor the psychological as-well-as physical manifestations of the fear are endless.

The materialism and the psychological fears

Aren’t we merely participating in a mindless rat-race? That too, by mercilessly abusing our health and peace-of-mind. Wouldn’t we all agree that this is a way-too-much of an expense to incur on worldly definitions of success?

Does that mean one shall not be craving for progress? Note! We are using the word Progress and NOT success. Ensure that you are on the path of progress resulting in Self-Actualization and Spiritual Wisdom. And, not running like headless chickens to defeat everyone.

If you want to beat someone, overcome your fears and beat them! Not, the senseless abusing to achieve the so-called Success. For what! Just to boast to everyone, See I have become Someone! To remain trapped in an illusionary false sense of superiority. Wherein, we are completely aware that despite all the show-and-pomp, we consider ourselves Worthless. Or, in essence, Inferior by embracing a psychological fear of rejection.

The solution

Time and Tide wait for no one. Therefore, now is the time to stop abusing yourself any further. Break the chains of the illusion and embrace a fear-free life.

Begin the journey on a path that opens the floodgates to Cosmic Energy. A road where you balance your energy by eliminating Negative Energies. Moreover, you increase your life force by harnessing Positive Cosmic Energy!

The Result?

Begin applauding yourself and stop abusing life.

Welcome on the path towards a blissful fear-free life!

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