How if Depression and Energy are connected?


The available statistics regarding depression are definitely alarming and frightening! To understand the grip of depression in the modern world, consider the following facts:

  • Globally, it affects about 350 million people!
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) puts depression at the top of the
    list in the worldwide illness category.
  • Moreover, it is the leading cause of disability.

Clinically speaking, depression gets categorized as a mood disorder. However, be under no doubt that it is an extremely serious medical and psychological disorder. Or, better stated an illness!

What is depression and how it affects us?

Once in a while, we all would have negative feelings. These may include sadness, lack of confidence, disinterest, rejection, anger, fear, anxiety, obsession, etc. That’s completely natural.

However, if this continues for a long period then it may be classified as the depression. The effects of depression are fairly individualistic. Nonetheless, the matter of the fact is that it interferes with our normal life. A few of the physically evident effects may be an inability to talk, walk, think, sleep, study, work, eat, and various other activities.

Is there any root cause of depression?

A fact is that a single cause is yet to be pinpointed. Depression is known to be a result of multiple factors, including environmental, biological, genetic, psycho-social, etc.

However, when analyzed from metaphysical angle clarity about major contributor may be available. Remember, our discussion What is Cosmic energy and it’s balancing? Therein, we
analyzed the life force and Cosmic energy in details.

Shall we analyze depression from the angle of the question, can our energy imbalance be a reason for depression?

Can our energy imbalance be a reason for depression?

We all would agree that depression, principally, is a state of the mind.

Whatsoever, may be the trigger or apparent cause of depression, it still is a state of mind.

In the discussion mentioned above, we debated about the conscious and the subconscious
mind. Could the answer lie in the fact that when this state of mind gets embedded into the sub-conscious, we get depressed?

A fact supporting this argument may be that we all do feel low or suffer from other such symptoms. But that is not depression, Correct? Then how come this state converts to depression owing to certain triggers or in certain individuals only?

The answer may lie in those triggers creating an imbalance in our Cosmic or Prana energy.

Energy imbalance and depression

Having agreed that ultimately depression is a state of mind shall we explore the energy angle?

The mind on the neurological level communicates with the body using a network of neurons.

These messages get transmitted through electrochemical signals.

And what is electricity? A form of energy. Thereby, for this state of mind depression – improper energy flow is responsible to a sizeable extent!

Hence, we may consider that the imbalance in the Cosmic energy flow through our chakras contributes tremendously towards depression!

The manifestation of energy imbalance and other causes:

Clinically known triggers and the manifestation of this energy imbalance that contribute to the on-setting of depression are:

  • Stress: A state of mental or emotional tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

Causes of Stress Overload of Work/Study, Financial Crisis, Unemployment, Bereavement, Relationship Breakdown, etc.

  • Illness: A long-standing or life-threatening illness such as Heart Diseases, Cancer, Head Injuries, etc.

Symptoms Extreme tiredness and a loss of interest in routine activities.

  • Personality: The factors related to personality indicators like low self-teem, being overly self-critical, lack of love, etc. are also contributing factors.

Causes Could be genetic, trapped in a bad situation, early life experiences, etc.

As an end note, we shall add that beware of this epidemic called depression.

Always harvest positive energy and keep your Cosmic/Prana energy balanced by embracing the path of Spiritual Wisdom. May the positive life force be with you!

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