What is the equation between Blaming and Dependency?


How frequently have we witnessed and/or employed words belonging to the category?

  • You don’t care for me as much as you should.
  • You don’t focus on me as much you focus on others.
  • You don’t THIS, THAT, etc. etc.

Guess we get the idea and also let’s not assign a numerical value to the number of times these words get used.

Which category of communication would these words fall under?

Maybe complaining, cribbing, being a crybaby, etc. Whichever, category we may choose to assign them to. The truth of the matter remains that all of these more-often-than-not are followed by Blaming. Moreover, ultimately, we feel bitter.

Why we blame?

Don’t we tend to blame anything and everything?

This may include weather, traffic, government, etc. and above our fellow humans!

There has to be a root cause for this tendency towards blaming. Yes, certainly, and the root cause for this tendency is Expectations. We may have Expectations that are justified. However, we may as well have expectations that are unwarranted.

The manifestation of the relation between blaming and expectations:

Expectations are like a bottomless pit. We can have millions upon millions of expectations. And whenever the expectations are not fulfilled, we begin blaming.

However, this poses another question that why we keep expectations?

The answer lies in the fact that our focus and energies are diverted Outwards.

However, it should be reversed, i.e. the focus and the energies shall in all cases be diverted Inwards.

In our previous discussion What is the Truth behind the reason why we question? we have explored the concept of Inward and Outwards in details.

This leads us towards another question, what is the manifestation of our Outward focus? In one word, Dependency! Yes, our outward focus creates a sense of dependency on others.

Herein, we do agree that we humans, by nature, are Social beings. This, in essence, means that we are a part of the society wherein interactions, meetings. are a part and parcel of our lives.
However, whenever we develop a dependency on anything, we in a way create an environment that may bring setbacks in certain cases.

Dependency and Blaming:

Aren’t we the most evolved species? Yes, that is a proven fact. Then how come we become slaves of dependencies that we create ourselves?

Consider the example of a vine or a climber. It is dependent upon the support to even survive.

Does that mean that we shall not seek support? Yes, positively we shall as the society is an interlinking of give and take.

However, our support system shall be like the offshoots or the supplementary stems of a Banyan tree. They assist in its growth and expansion. Notice the word Assist, yes, they are merely Assisting, no more and no less. Hence, even if all these offshoots are cut off, the Banyan tree would still survive on its own. Because its core strength is its own Trunk or Stem.

Be that Banyan tree and strengthen your own Core by cutting down on the dependencies. The path begins by exploring your inner self. Explore yourself!

Set your first steps on the path towards Inner Wisdom. A life full of eternal bliss awaits! Wishing you the best on the path to Spiritual Wisdom. May the force be with you!

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