Why Are We Unhappy ?

Welcome to the world of spiritual consciousness. Most of us always think why are we not happy? Where is our happiness? In earning money? Enjoying with friends? In running after social status?

Let’s talk in different tone today and let’s try to evaluate ourselves, let’s try to find out why are we unhappy? If we really check inside our heart and mind we can find the answer to our happiness.

All things in this world that we think would make us happy are actually the things that makes us unhappy. For example, let’s talk about money, we often feel money is the ultimate answer for our happiness but we end up seeing rich people always unhappy and suffering with mental emotional and Like money – so many people are rich but not happy So many people have very good social status in the office and society they have great reputation and position in the social world, but they are not happy.

So let’s try to understand where is the seed of unhappiness coming from?

Seed of unhappiness grows in our vision, in our perception and the way we see our lives. We always try to see ourselves by other persons eyes and by other person’s perception of us. How do they look at us, what do they think of us? We always try to fulfill other person’s expectations and we are always in constant fear if we can satisfy them in order to gain happiness. In this whole process we are directly dependent on exterior sources for our happiness.

Let’s play a game by asking some question to ourselves.

Do we really need someone to make us happy or are we enough for ourselves to make ourselves happy?

Do we really need someone to appreciate us or do we appreciate our own selves?

Do we need someone else who make us feel important and valued or do we value respect and give importance to ourselves and our soul?

Why are we looking for happiness in someone else always, is it necessary? Is it going to give us ultimate happiness? If the answer is No, then why do we do this why do we need constant approvals from others. Simple answer is fear of losing others and fulfilling others expectations. It might sound strange, but we need to question why do we seek happiness from others?

Second question also seems to be very interesting and true in its most honest self, if we are ready to give others whatever other person expects without expecting anything in return then why do we end up expecting even the smallest thing, why do we expect anything in return then? And when our expectation does not get fulfilled why do we end up feeling rejected and humiliated and insulted.

There are So many questions that are extremely important to ask ourselves and our soul. So let’s ask once again why are we unhappy?


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