What Our Choice Is?

In this chapter we will talk about few daily life examples that everyone goes through on daily basis. What exactly are we doing with our own selves? What are we doing with this happiness and unhappiness? Both happiness and unhappiness are related to each other and it is also related to us, neither it is related to other people nor it is dependent on others. Whether we want happiness or we want unhappiness it is completely our choice. But do we really know what our choice is? Or, our choice is also dependent on others?

For example, a girl is going to meet her friends and she is taking her boyfriend along with her to introduce him to her friends. She is always thinking how her friends will think about her boyfriend, hoe her boyfriend will think about her friend. So there is a constant calculation in the whole process.

Another example is, when a rich person buys a new car he wants to show off his new car to everyone. Is he really happy by showing off his money and his power to buy anything he wants?  Or he will get happy after seeing what his friends and neighbors tell him or compliment him. Even after having every power to buy anything his internal happiness and satisfaction is dependent on others.

We often attend meetings at office and workplace, one such day when you are in a meeting and the senior guy speaking on stage announces the name of best salesman of the month suddenly rather than getting happy you start to get jealous. But you feel jealous to someone who is not even related to you. You are not even trying to see what’s inside you your skill but you are unknowingly comparing yourself with that person and his success is making you jealous and angry for no reason.

Very common situation is communication. Every day you talk to your friend and girlfriend and boyfriend but suddenly one day he stops responding you tried several times but that person disconnects the call. The whole situation makes you angry and unhappy. You don’t try to understand that other person might be in some problem some personal issues. When you are not ready to understand other person’s situation how can you say you understand the other person.

Another everyday situation is with family. When we need something from family like money or car or anything materialistic and our parents deny us that we become very angry. We forget the respect love and happiness they have been giving us since childhood and we start abusing our parents we start hating our parents and we start making them responsible for our failures and our unhappiness. But we never look inside us that is it love or is it just money, what is the reason we have family in our life..?

To understand these everyday situations, we need to go deeper into our inner self, we need to understand the root cause the reactions and different kind of emotions that drive our energies in different situations. And how exactly we can change our energies.

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