Aura Reading

The Service: Our Aura is a reflection of the Subconscious mind. We are all well aware that the subconscious constitutes about 98% of our brain.

Hence, a sound Subconscious is extremely important. However, the matter of the fact is that we are not even aware of our own subconscious.

Aadinath – Aura Reading, Cleansing, and Regeneration aims at identifying the state of the subconscious and providing regeneration. Consequently, you are cleansed of the negativities that might be arising out of the subconscious.

Deliverable: The subconscious mind filled with positivity.


Pre-Analysis: Once you initiate contact with us you are required to send a handwriting sample (minimum 60 words) and a recent photograph (without glasses). These are used for complementary pre-analysis. Pre-Analysis is shared with you, in confidence, via the email provided by you.

Handwriting Sample: The handwriting sample helps our team in analysing the current state of the Conscious Mind. Thereby, also arriving at the challenges you are facing.

Photo: Our team undertakes an Aura analysis based on the photograph. In this step, the current state of the subconscious mind is revealed.

First Session: During this session, the current status of your Cosmic or Prana Energy is analysed. Moreover, you are provided clarity on the challenges you are facing. Thereafter, you are guided on the duration your Regeneration would take.

The Aadinath – Regeneration: Aadinath Regeneration deploys various ancient methods and modern techniques to achieve the objective. However, one must also keep in mind that every human and human body is unique.

Thereby, the precise roadmap towards the target objective is decided during the first session.

Our Techniques: Dependent upon your specific requirement, we deploy a combination of methods, including – but not limited to -, Cosmic or Prana Energy Balancing, Chakra balancing and/or Regeneration, Regenerating the Breathing, Aura balancing and/or cleansing, etc.

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