Regeneration from Abusement (Sexual, Mental, Physical, etc.)

Psychological abuse is common and yet few understand the psychological abuse definition enough to spot it.

Psychological abuse, though, can be just as devastating as physical abuse. Psychological abuse can affect your inner thoughts and feelings as well as exert control over your life. You may feel uncertain of the world around you and unsafe in your own home. Psychological abuse can destroy intimate relationships, friendships and even your own relationship with yourself.

Psychological abuse also applies to children and may impair their development into a healthy adult

The Service: Abuse and the resulting abusement is a fact of life. However, the sad fact is that it is always the one who is abused who feels guilty, at fault, etc. Why shall it be so?

Whatever may be the assigned reasons? However, the fact of the matter is that one who has suffered from abusement SUFFERS the most. The worst manifestation could be that the ABUSED allows repeated abuses. Why?

Because it might be cemented in the belief system of the abused that ‘I am here to be Abused’. So I shall allow anyone and everyone to abuse me as they wish.

Aadinath – Regeneration from Abusement aims at firstly instating the fact that Abuser was the CRIMINAL, not you. Thereafter, building the confidence that you as an individual is capable of making your own choices including saying NO.

Deliverable: You learn to honour your respect and dignity.