About Us


Spiritual psychologist “Aacharya Kamlesh” has in excess of 20 years of experience as a practising Spiritual Master and Counsellor.  His field of study and research involves the investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena.

He has dealt with and rehabilitated people undergoing numerous psychological ailments. These include Stress, Abuse, Split Personality, Addiction, Low Self-esteem, Marital Discord, Suicidal Tendencies, etc. His regenerative counselling process may be experienced in-person and/or remotely/online.

The word Aacharya is owing to the education Mr. Kamlesh Sharma has undergone.

Unfortunately, anyone term themselves as a self-declared ‘Aacharya’ or in literal terms ‘knowledgeable’. However, in purists’ term the origin of the word is entirely different.

A search on the internet – ‘Aacharya’ – produces results like Astrologers, Palm-readers, healers, etc. Then, why the word Aacharya is used by Mr. Kamlesh Sharma?

Because, he always wanted scientific answers that are captured in the ancient Vedic scriptures. To understand them, he had to gather knowledge about the language that they are documented in, namely, SANSKRIT. So he pursued Master in Sanskrit.

And a Master’s Degree holder in Sanskrit earns the right to be called an ‘Aacharya’.

Thereby, Aacharya Kamlesh Sharma’!